Endangered Language Fund


  • The Endangered Language Fund maintains informal relations with organizations that have compatible missions.
  • The Linguistic Society of America. This organization for academic linguists supports ELF by providing a room for our annual meeting (held in conjunction with the LSA annual meeting) and an "office hour" where we can meet with prospective applicants to our grant programs.
  • The Foundation for Endangered Languages. FEL sponsors a grant program similar to our Language Legacies program, and it also sponsors an annual conference.
  • The Indigenous Language Institute. ILI provides information and training for language maintenance, especially for technical tools.
  • Terralingua supports research on the link between languages and their ecosystems.
  • Resource Network for Linguistic Diversity. RNLD is a rich source of information about language documentation and revitalization, including tools and sources of funding.
  • Endangered Language Alliance. ELA provides tools and facilities for language maintenance of diaspora languages currently spoken in New York City.
  • The Open Language Archives Community. OLAC works on standards for documentation and provides information about where language information is held.