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The Last Epic Singer: Recording of the Last Examples of the Dying Poetic Language of the Shors

These recordings document the last of the Shors epic poetry, in the Kemerovo region of Eastern Siberia, Russia. Dmitrij Funk made these recordings of Vladimir Tannagashev, the last living epic singer of the Shors tradition, on a 2003 ELF grant (click here to learn more abut Dr. Funk's project).

This is an excerpt from the complete recordings of Mr. Tannagashev's epic poems, which he recited from memory, and which fill more than 500 pages of transcribed text.

The recordings are available to linguists, anthropologists and the Shorian community in the city of Miski and at the Shorian Educational Center at the Novokuznetsk Pedagogical Institute.

Shor sample #1

Shor sample #2